Serendipitous Story of Caili & Neil – Chicago Engagement Session

Call it a small world or serendipitous, Caili & Neil were meant to be together and I was meant to be their photographer. Let me try to explain (I hope I don’t butcher their perfect story): Caili & Neil both attended University of Illinois but they did not meet until Caili’s graduation. At that time, Caili had a friend who had a crush on Neil. This friend dragged Caili to come out and meet Neil and his brother. Caili being a good friend she is obliged and tagged along. She had a great time but did not think much of the encounter. Neil went on couple of dates with Caili’s friend but there wasn’t any chemistry there and just remained friends. Fast forward a bit – Neil gets a job at an advertising agency in Chicago. Short while after, Caili unknowingly got a job at the same agency as a receptionist allowing themselves to reconnect again. Neil & Caili became good friends and by then, Neil started showing his interest in Caili. He must have asked her out on a date at least 20 times before she finally agreed to go out. As they got to know each other – it turns out that they grew up about 10 minutes apart from each other but they did not meet until Caili was about to graduate. Talk about so close yet so far away! Even now they live in the same building but few floors apart. Pretty soon they will finally be together for good.

When Caili inquired about my services for her wedding, I was traveling in S. Korea. I got her inquiry around 4am (thanks to jet lag) and as soon as I saw a picture of her, I immediately connected with her and replied back letting her know that I was going to be her wedding photographer. When I met her, I realized that I actually met her once briefly in college through a mutual friend. Never did I realize that I would be her photographer one day. I feel like her wedding in September will be a perfect ending to a beautiful story. Caili & Neil are so much in love and I did not do much convincing to show their feelings for each other in front of the camera during the eSession. Here are some photos we captured during their fun session in Chicago.

Caili Neil Chicago Engagement Session

Caili Neil Chicago Engagement Session

Caili Neil Chicago Engagement Session

Caili Neil Chicago Engagement Session

Caili & Neil – thank you for giving me the opportunity to capture memories for you guys on your wedding day. September can’t come fast enough!

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  1. Andrea says:

    Love the save the date pic! Awesome work!

  2. DJH says:

    Nice Work

  3. Andrea says:

    Awesome photos…you really captured their emotion!

  4. Gorgeous set! Very creative and I love the way you capture the life in this fun couple!

  5. Chris says:

    Again, Another great photo shoot and the way you do things. I am inspired!

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