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A family portrait session inside a medieval town in Italy? Why Not? When you want something, you have to go after it. You cannot wait for it to fall on your lap. Two years ago, I did a mock wedding session organized by my good friend/business partner Max Brunelli with a vision to shoot my own weddings in Italy in the future. That vision came to reality last year when I got to photograph two weddings in Italy – one in Montepulciano, Tuscany and the other in Rome, Italy.

This time, it was not a mock session but with the help of Max again, we organized an actual family photo shoot with a real italian family. Meet the Parisi family from Terni, Italy. They have a beautiful family and from the moment you met them, you can tell that they all love each other and appreciate photography. They own an original 1960’s FIAT 500 and wanted to incorporate that into their shoot using a backdrop that symbolized the heart of Italy. So we chose to go back to the same city Labro where I did my wedding session couple of years ago to do this family photoshoot. It was a perfect afternoon and we had so much fun together. Here are some teasers from this afternoon’s shoot:

Labro, Italy - a medieval city that is still inhabited by the noble family from centuries ago. A prince still governs this city.

Their family has owned this FIAT 500 since the 1960's and it is still in mint condition!

This is an actual car but I swear it was designed for kids!

They were having so much fun and just enjoying their photo session

Parisi Family Photoshoot

Parisi Family Photoshoot

Parisi Family Photoshoot

Parisi Family Shoot

Grazie mille to the Parisi family! We had so much fun together that they even invited us over to their house for dinner. I love building relationship with clients. Big thanks to also Max for making this session possible. I am looking forward to extending my clients out in Italy through sessions like this in the near future.

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  1. ADAM Coberly says:

    Such a great session Kenny! Very cool family at a super cool location! Oh, the car makes a great addition 🙂 Thanks for sharing.

  2. A lot of great family moments, & yes the Fiat is cool too.

  3. What a wonderful family portrait session! You beautifully captured the character of each person!

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