Chicago engagement session: Sandy & Ed

If you believe in fate, then Sandy & Ed were meant to be. So many events happened in their lives pointed towards them being together but it was not until few years later that Ed finally realized she could be the one for him. Everything was crystal clear from there on. They had their first date at Molly’s cupcakes and many more followed afterwards. Now they are planning to tie their knot in October and I am thrilled to be working with this fun couple for their wedding day. For this shoot we got to spend a hot but fun afternoon in Chicago going around random places. Here’s just a few to share with you. Sandy got so excited she went ahead and made an album in her facebook gallery (Not sure if she made them public or not – so you might have to friend her on facebook!

Ed is an opthamologist so we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a fun shoot in front of the eyeball statue.

We slowed down by finishing our shoot inside Molly’s Cupcakes where they had their first date. We got to taste it afterwards and wow. If someone bought me a cupcake and asked me out, I’d say yes too!

Looking at the size of her ring, I think I can safely say that Ed is madly in love with Sandy. 🙂

Congratulations guys. Your wedding day is going to be so much fun!
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2 Responses to “Chicago engagement session: Sandy & Ed”

  1. Troy Grover says:

    Well done Kenny 🙂

  2. Sharon Snow says:

    Such a good-looking couple, I can’t wait to see their wedding shots. These images are so cool Kenny, I love the backdrops and I love all that laughter among the two of them that you captured. AWESOME, as always!

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