Chicago engagement session of Jessica & Aaron

I met Jessica her in college when she was playing tennis for the University of Illinois and I was working there at the tennis facility as a staff. Aaron is also an athlete – he was on the track team also at the University of Illinois. He and I both share love for basketball and it was on the hardwood courts that we became friends. Towards the end of their college years, Jessica and Aaron started dating and I lost touch with them after they both moved onto the career stage in their lives. Few of years later, I get a facebook message from Jessica telling me that they are engaged and wanted me to photograph their wedding. I could not be any happier – it was good to reconnect with them through this opportunity and they are great people (not to mention great looking)! They are getting married next June but wanted to do their engagement session right away. This session is part of 2 series – since we have so much time before their wedding, we decided to divide our session into two so that we can utilize different locations and season.

I had an opportunity to do a quick impromptu video interview with them afterwards talking about how the session went – so I will share that with you as well. We spent an afternoon in warm chicago weather by the North Avenue Beach and got some really great images. I love the way Aaron looks at Jessica. No words are needed to prove to me that he is absolutely in love with her. Her smiles assures me that she is crazy about him as well. I really enjoy photographing love between two people. Thank you for allowing me to capture that in you guys:

Here is the video that I talked about earlier:

Engagement Session with Jessica & Aaron – Chicago, IL from Kenny Kim on Vimeo.

Thank you Jessica & Aaron for giving me the opportunity to do what I love to do!

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  1. Sweet work Kenny… I love how your clients interact in front of your camera! Can’t wait to meet you someday soon!

  2. M. Clay says:

    Love the composition of the shots on the dock.

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