Beverly Hills Wedding with Emi & Motoki

When Emi made a list of “must-haves” in her future husband, she put down a Christian Japanese-speaking man as one of the requirement. Little did she know God has someone specific in mind that not only met that “hard to find” requirement but someone that went above and beyond in Motoki. Watching interact together, you can’t help but to smile. They are so good & nice to each other and at the same time know how to be goofy and fun. They laugh, make faces, hug and both have a big heart for people and share a common faith & love in Jesus Christ. Not to mention, Motoki has a job in Hollywood that every computer geek will drool over!

They celebrated their wedding at the Wilshire United Methodist Church in Los Angeles, CA. We then spent some time walking through Rodeo drive doing a photoshoot. The reception was held at Lawry’s Prime Rib restaurant in Beverly Hills.

Big thanks to Mike Poeschl for second shooting this with me. Without his help I don’t think I could have made it to the airport on time to go back to Chicago for another wedding the next day! Here are some photos from the wedding. You can find more by visiting my facebook page:

Thank you Emi & Motoki for the awesome day! You guys are an amazing couple and I am blessed to be part of your lives. Also, your bilingual wedding service was so blessing!

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  1. Nicole Chan says:

    The portrait… 7th photo down, I think – is amazing!!

  2. Jenna Cole says:

    I agree with Nicole! Beautiful.

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