Chicago Family & Lifestyle Session: Christy & Dennis Kim

Even though my main focus is in wedding photography and will probably continue to do so in the future, once in a while, I like to venture into other types of photography such as family & married couple lifestyle sessions. Last winter I was introduced to the Kim family by a good friend of mine to do their family photoshoot in December. Because it was so cold outside, we both agreed that doing any shoot outside would be a bad idea. So we agreed to split the photo session into two and we just finished the second one last week. Noah is even cuter than before. I love all the fun faces he made and even at this early age, he is practicing his tough mean look. I also suggested to Dennis & Christy, since they never had engagement sessions done before, that they do a short lifestyle session. We spent couple of hours at the Botanical Garden in Glencoe, IL and had a great time strolling through the park and snapping some fun photos. Here are some of the results from their session. They are such good looking couple/family I had hard time narrowing the photos for the blog:

Here’s Noah clapping for their parents as they share their moment.

Then shortly after Noah fell asleep then mom & dad decided to take some fun casual lifestyle sessions of their own:

They are such great looking couple and relaxed in front of the camera that I had to keep snapping away!

I love these moments in between poses where their true personalities come alive:

Noah then woke up happy from his nap sleeping…

We are all one big happy family! Thank you so much Kim family for your kindness, generosity and your giving spirit! I cannot wait to spend more time with you guys and see Noah grow up.

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  1. Irene says:

    I remember seeing photos of this family! They look amazing still. Botanical garden was a good choice, Kenny! That place is beautiful!

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